Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Medford Cemetery Rusk Cherokee Co., TX

Great work being done in reclaiming this historic cemetery by Joe Rawls

A note from Joe Rawls:

I would like to thank my Big Brother, Donald Gene Rawls, for all his support in this endeavor.Without his research and financial support, I could not have proceeded this far. Through our endeavors together, Cemetery, will become a Historical Site and registered in Cherokee County.

I would also like to express my deep appreciation to: Mr.Steve Gillion, Mr. Roy Kennedy, Nancy Cunningham, and my daughter Stephanie De Maya, for invaluable information given to us in this project.. Thanks Guys.! More pictures and notes will be added by, Nancy Cunningham, as I can get them to her.

Here is Joe's map Click to enlarge

Here are Joe's photos as he worked

From a letter I received in the 1980s

On the way out of Rusk I went by the "lost' cemetery on Jonathan Medford's headright about 21/2 miles northeast and was surprised to find a good marker or sign calling attention to the cemetery. When I came back through Lufkin, I called-our distant cousin and good friend, Elizabeth Jenkins, and she said that was put up by the Cherokee County Historical Commission at the insistence of herself and her cousin, Col. Jack Jenkins of San Antonio.

I don't know who is buried there; but it was handed down through generations that there are nine graves there marked only with sandstone. Jonathan and Sarah and James Evan Medford are buried there, One of the old slaves is also supposed to be buried there

If anyone has any information on this cemetery please email me, Nancy