Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ira Davis land grant and wounding in 1813

Ira Davis and Polly Hayden of Stanbridge East I found a land grant file for Ira Davis Lower Canada Land petitions at the archives [ ]reading through it he describes why he deserves the grant because of his service in the 4th Battalion of township militia during the October raid of 1813 and that he was wounded during the raid.

The article ‘A Distant Drum: The War of 1812 in Missisquoi County’ ( that 8 men were wounded and not taken hostage when the other were marched to Vermont. Another article I read on the raid mentioned a book “ Loyalties in Conflict : A Canadian borderland in war and rebellion 1812-1840’ by J.I. Little ( I found used copy online for $10) in it I found a mention of an Amos Davis of Stanbridge ( always rumored to be father of my Ira ) saying that his son was wounded in the raid !

So new clues and a little closer to solving some mysteries !