Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sarah Allen 1841 Census -- where was #7 Lower Crown Street St Margaret Westminster Middlesex England ??

Here is Sarah Allen ( where is John ? ) 1841 census w children - listed as a dressmaker living 7 Lower Crown Street St Margaret Westminster Middlesex England

This is the MAPP of the Parish of St MARGARETS Westminster taken from the last Survey with Corrections 7 B 1755 online here

The family is listed on #7 Lower Crown Street which is described in 18101 Topography of London as

1802 Wallis Pocket Plan or Map of London and Westminster, England

Here is a modern Google view image of the area

Here is the area as an overlay with old map it is located in Parliament office complex across from #10 Downing it was there when the Allens lived a few blocks away ( built late 1680s) Crown Street is #4 and 5 on the map

The Palace of Whitehall by Hendrick Danckerts c. 1660–1679. #10 is bldg far right

 Downing Street declined at the turn of the 19th century surrounded with run-down buildings, dark alleys, crime and prostitution. Earlier, the government had taken over the other Downing Street houses: the Colonial Office occupied Number 14 in 1798: the Foreign Office was at Number 16 and the houses on either side; the West India Department was in Number 18 and the Tithe Commissioners in Number 20. The houses deteriorated from neglect, became unsafe, and one by one were torn down. By 1857, Downing Street's town houses were all gone except for Number 10, Number 11 (customarily the Chancellor of the Exchequer's residence) and Number 12